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        Top Scorer

        110Scotland selecionar jogador Ali Crawford [Doncaster Rovers]27300544300005
        110England selecionar jogador Zeli Ismail [Walsall]27310549211007
        110England selecionar jogador Calvin Andrew [Rochdale]33300550211106
        110England selecionar jogador Oliver Rathbone [Rochdale]23300574300006
        110England selecionar jogador Mitch Pinnock [AFC Wimbledon]30300579210229
        110England selecionar jogador George Miller [Bradford City]34300585120007
        110England selecionar jogador Isaiah Osbourne [Walsall]25300623300007
        110England selecionar jogador Charlie Goode [Scunthorpe United]21300630301006
        110England selecionar jogador Matty Blair [Doncaster Rovers]31300657300005
        110Wales selecionar jogador George Thomas [Scunthorpe United]31300713210006
        110England selecionar jogador Luke O’Neill [Gillingham]31300794301006
        110Northern Ireland selecionar jogador Jordan Thompson [Blackpool]33300798300008
        110England selecionar jogador Curtis Tilt [Blackpool]29300830300118
        110England selecionar jogador James Justin [Luton Town]35300843210004
        110England selecionar jogador Antoni Sarcevic [Plymouth Argyle]30300882300006
        110England selecionar jogador Lewis O´Brien [Bradford City]32300890300007
        110England selecionar jogador Rhys Bennett [Peterborough United]32300928300105
        110Wales selecionar jogador Tom Lockyer [Bristol Rovers]32300943300008
        110England selecionar jogador Joe Ward [Peterborough United]37300943121005
        110Northern Ireland selecionar jogador Callum Camps [Rochdale]33300947300106
        [MPD=or more matches, G=Goals Scored, PEN=Penalties, OG=Own Goals, MPG=Minutes to score a goal, GST=Goals as starting player, GSUB=Goals as substitute, GPTS=Goals that have guaranteed points, MW=Match winning goals, CBK=Turnaround goals, PGE=Percentage of goals at the team]
        [Last updated: 2019-03-24 at 04:59]
        The goals per game average only considers players who have played:: 5 or more matches